roundedI am a Postdoctoral Scholar at UC Berkeley, working with Prof. Trevor Darrell. I have completed my PhD at Max Planck Institute for Informatics under supervision of Prof. Bernt Schiele. My research is at the intersection of vision and language. I am interested in a variety of tasks, including image and video description, visual grounding, visual question answering, etc. Recently, I am focusing on building explainable models and addressing bias in existing vision and language models.

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Technical Reports

Selected Publications

  • Adversarial Inference for Multi-Sentence Video Description.
    Jae Sung Park, Marcus Rohrbach, Trevor Darrell, Anna Rohrbach.
    CVPR 2019, Oral.
  • Speaker-follower models for vision-and-language navigation.
    Daniel Fried*, Ronghang Hu*, Volkan Cirik*, Anna Rohrbach, Jacob Andreas, Louis-Philippe Morency, Taylor Berg-Kirkpatrick, Kate Saenko, Dan Klein**, and Trevor Darrell**.
    NeurIPS 2018, *, ** indicate equal contribution.
  • Video object segmentation with language referring expressions.
    Anna Khoreva, Anna Rohrbach, and Bernt Schiele.
    ACCV 2018.
  • Object hallucination in image captioning.
    Anna Rohrbach*, Lisa Anne Hendricks*, Kaylee Burns, Trevor Darrell, and Kate Saenko.
    EMNLP 2018, * indicates equal contribution.
  • Women also Snowboard: Overcoming Bias in Captioning Models.
    Lisa Anne Hendricks*, Kaylee Burns*, Kate Saenko, Trevor Darrell, Anna Rohrbach.
    ECCV 2018, * indicates equal contribution.
  • Textual explanations for self-driving vehicles.
    Jinkyu Kim, Anna Rohrbach, Trevor Darrell, John Canny, and Zeynep Akata.
    ECCV 2018.
  • Multimodal explanations: Justifying decisions and pointing to the evidence.
    Dong Huk Park, Lisa Anne Hendricks, Zeynep Akata, Anna Rohrbach, Bernt Schiele, Trevor Darrell, and Marcus Rohrbach.
    CVPR 2018, Spotlight.
  • Fooling vision and language models despite localization and attention mechanisms.
    Xiaojun Xu, Xinyun Chen, Chang Liu, Anna Rohrbach, Trevor Darrell, and Dawn Song.
    CVPR 2018.
  • Generating descriptions with grounded and co-referenced people.
    Anna Rohrbach, Marcus Rohrbach, Siyu Tang, Seong Joon Oh, and Bernt Schiele.
    CVPR 2017.
  • Grounding of textual phrases in images by reconstruction.
    Anna Rohrbach, Marcus Rohrbach, Ronghang Hu, Trevor Darrell, and Bernt Schiele.
    ECCV 2016, Oral.
  • Multimodal compact bilinear pooling for visual question answering and visual grounding.
    Akira Fukui*, Dong Huk Park*, Daylen Yang*, Anna Rohrbach*, Trevor Darrell, and Marcus Rohrbach.
    EMNLP 2016, * indicates equal contribution.
  • A dataset for movie description.
    Anna Rohrbach, Marcus Rohrbach, Niket Tandon, and Bernt Schiele.
    CVPR 2015.

The complete list of publications is available on my Google Scholar profile.