roundedI am a Research Scientist at UC Berkeley, working with Prof. Trevor Darrell. I have completed my PhD at Max Planck Institute for Informatics under supervision of Prof. Bernt Schiele. My research is at the intersection of vision and language. I am interested in a variety of tasks, including image and video description, visual grounding, visual question answering and others. Recently, I am focusing on building explainable models, addressing bias in existing vision and language models, and detecting semantic mismatch in context of multimodal misinformation.

My old MPII homepage is here.

Also see the web page for our Berkeley group here.

You can reach me via firstname.lastname at berkeley.edu






  • I was recognized as a Best Reviewer at EMNLP 2018.
  • I was recognized as an Outstanding Reviewer at CVPR 2018.
  • I am honored to be a recipient of Otto Hahn Medal for 2017.

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The complete list of publications is available on my Google Scholar profile.